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Sail to Success   Does your Board?

Regularly step on the toes of management or volunteers, “have fingers in rather than on the organization”

Focus on short-term essentials and/or the past instead of forward strategy

Review, rehash and spend endless time on the trivial at Board meetings

Measure success by lagging measures such as budget, quarterly sales, and activity reports

Regularly react to staff reports rather than forming your own agenda

Lack qualified people for the Board and Committees

Have a changing or unclear mandate, your mission has evolved without conscious guidance

Stakeholders and customers are lined up to speak “at you” at public meetings

Lack a process to evaluate the Board’s performance

Regularly rubber stamp decisions from Committees or staff

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Sail to Success Does your Association?

Have an outdated plan with an endless list of non-prioritized to-do items

Lack policy that clearly provides direction in key areas such a personnel, delegation of authority, occupational health and safety, and risk

Not evaluate the senior staff person’s performance regularly or establish objectives

Experience a lack of engagement by members, program attendance and sponsorship are falling

Have trouble getting out your message

Have conflict of interest that is not spoken about

Feel like you operate your bookkeeping from a shoe box and report accordingly, you cannot get the information you need

Lack essential financial resources and chase grants for activity not related to mandate

Use Board members to provide core services, and they are burning out, you seem abandoned by the volunteers and stakeholders, you need staff but cannot afford it

Manage significant infrastructure with no lifecycle or renewal strategy

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Sail to Success  Does your Board see its role as?

  • Watchdog
  • Cheerleader
  • Super-manager, the better alternative to management
  • Advisor
  • Communication enhancer

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Sail to Success Your Total Score


/20 Score
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Are you in the race?

0-5/20  -  Your on the right course and leading, monitor for changes that may impact you

6-10/20  -  Some new direction may be helpful to keep you in the race

11-15  -  You should consider tacking soon, the current  already has you in its grasp

16-20/20  -  Suggest you not leave the dock with out some help